The Duttons - A Live Musical Variety Production Show

The Entertainment experience of a lifetime! Each Dutton plays numerousinstruments -- They sing, dance and tickle your funny bone as theyexceed all your expectations in a show that is guaranteed to be one ofyour favorites!


Award Winning Talent

Featuring a wide array of musical genres, the Duttons combinebeautiful vocal harmonies, instrumental virtuosity, high-energydancing, and heartwarming comedy that will keep everyone entertainedand will leave all who watch with a smile.

Amazing Variety And Versatility

The Duttons are known as Branson's most versatile music group. TheVariety is astounding! Throughout the show, each Dutton plays at leastsix different instruments and each song features something uniquelydifferent.

World Renowned Performers

These seasoned performers not only own their own theater in Branson,MO, they have toured the world over and been featured on televisionnetworks from China to Europe and right here at home in the UnitedStates. The Duttons have appeared on European Stations TF-1, RAI-3, and most recently COOLTV that broadcasts in over 50 nations spanning Europe, Asia and North Africa. Quong-tongTelevision in China has hosted The Duttons for their Chinese New YearCelebration. Here in the United States, The Duttons have had the honorof hosting their own special on PBS and even more recently have appeared on NBC.

Show Stopping Production

The lighting and stage sets will take your breath away. Indulge yoursenses with the performance of a lifetime! ... And witness a familyhaving fun - Making Music.