The Duttons in Phoenix, AZ


After traveling more than a million miles across the United States, touring Europe and Canada, being featured on four PBS television specials, being awarded Branson’s Best Show, and making it to the top ten finalists on NBC's "America's Got Talent," the Dutton family has put down roots in Mesa, Arizona with their new winter theater at East Valley High School, 7420 E. Main Street. The 2011/2012 winter season opens on Saturday December 10th with Christmas shows at 2 PM and 7 PM. Since 2005, Arizona audiences have grown steadily as word of the highly entertaining Dutton show has spread across the valley. Due to that support (and audiences who continually express their appreciation with standing ovations), the Duttons have decided to make Arizona their permanent winter home. Based on that decision, the family decided to open a permanent venue, as opposed to performing at various performing arts centers around the valley. The Duttons have partnered with East Valley High School, a charter school on east Main street in Mesa, to build a new auditorium at the school, which will serve exclusively as The Dutton Theater Mesa every December through March. The school will use the facility for its productions every April - November. "We are extremely excited about this wonderful, mutually beneficial partnership with East Valley High School!" said Benjamin Dutton, who is responsible for marketing in the Arizona area. “We are looking forward to providing training opportunities for the students to work in the tech department during the shows this season.”The Duttons Show is unique. Featuring a wide array of musical genres, the family combines beautiful vocal harmonies, instrumental virtuosity, high-energy dancing, and heart-warming comedy that will keep everyone entertained and will leave all who watch with a smile. Throughout the show, each Dutton plays at least six different instruments. Combined, they play over fifty. The variety and versatility are astounding! With state of the art lighting, special effects and elaborate stage sets, the show is not only musically entertaining, it’s visually stunning. Each song features something uniquely different, keeping the audience completely entertained, on the edge of their seats, and amazed at each new surprise.