Jonathan Meets Talent Scout by Sheila Dutton



Jonathan LOVES football.  He loves to watch football.  He loves to play football.  He loves to read about football.  He loves to talk about football.  He loves to meet football players.  And now he loves to meet football scouts.

Recently he confided to his father, Dean, that his feelings had been somewhat injured.  Sometimes in the show, I mention that Amy gave up a career as a concert solo violinist to perform with her family.  So Jonathan said to his Dad, "I feel slighted.  Mother doesn't say that I gave up a career in professional football to perform with my family!"  (Please understand that Jonathan is the consummate joker of the family.)

Well, it happened.  Brad Forsyth, talent scout for the Buffalo Bills, came to The Duttons Show on Wednesday, June 27 at 2:00 with his wonderful family.  Brad has been scouting for the Buffalo Bills for 15 years, and he immediately picked up on Jonathan.  "Where have you been all these years?" he queried.  However, after much deliberation,  it was determined that Jonathan should continue passing the buck, dodging too much of the limelight, tackling the challenges of greeting 3 buses at once, throwing Julio to the ground, when he acts up, stealing a yawn, when the audience doesn't see him, and scoring home runs between the theater and his house every night.  He will continue to assist Brad from his armchair and keep in shape at the Dutton Boot Camp.

Joking aside, Brad, is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  His father, who was also at the show, was his high school football coach.  Brad, a star quarterback, led his team to the state finals in Illinois.  He caught the attention of the Buffalo Bills management team and has been a huge asset to their organization ever since. 

Jonathan is very pleased, just to have been considered!