Back in Branson


Back In Branson
April 8, 2014, Jack Burke
The Duttons Return with New Show for 2014
Suntanned and reinvigorated, the Duttons open their 2014 season on Tuesday, April 8th with an 8 PM show at The Dutton Family Theater. A mainstay of Branson entertainment for over a decade, this talented family of extremely versatile musicians, singers, dancers, and comedians is continually developing new shows to the applause of their fans.
As Tim Dutton commented, “Our winter season in Mesa was almost like a four-month dress rehearsal for the 2014 Branson season. We worked on several show concepts during the winter and our brand new 2014 show reflects the best from this winter, but still retains crowd favorites from the past and fresh versions of some that we haven’t done for several years. We also engaged the services Los Angeles-based arranger Doug LeBow, who does arranging/composing for Disney, to improve existing songs and add some new ones from artists like Cold Play. Aside from new songs and arrangements, the 2014 show features new costuming, lighting design, and sets.”
This year’s show will continue to see an increased presence from the younger generation of Duttons. Like their parents, the youngsters began mastering musical instruments at an early age and began performing with the family before they began school. Last season 11-year-old Timmy, son of Tim and Judith, captured the hearts of every audience with his sassy routine of “Danke Shoen” and you can expect to see even more of Timmy this year, along with his older sisters Jessica and Rachel. Plus Jonathan and Belle’s daughter Leila will be on hand with Abby’s son Luke and Amy’s son Damien to wow the audiences as well.
The 2014 show still features the adult children as Amy enchants with her violin, Tim strums anything with strings, Abby works the banjo and violin, and Benjamin keeps everything moving with his fancy footwork and his identical twin cousin “Julio”. Speaking of Julio, he has promised to bring some “new, unusual, and interesting” talents to help out with the new show, so he doesn’t get shipped back to Spain.
Perennial crowd favorites such as their unique singing of the songs for each branch of the military with Belle’s island dance, “The Devil Went Down to Branson” “Cotton-eyed Joe, and their rousing closing extravaganza of “Boil” also remain in the lineup.
The Duttons always put on a great show, but this year will set a new benchmark for performance excellence. Feedback from Arizona audiences has been phenomenal, as they enjoyed sold out performances at the Mesa Theater.
For information on performance schedules and ticket sales for the 2013 season, Their website will also provide information on the George Dyer Show at the Dutton Theater, as well as details about The Dutton Inn and Abby’s Tourist Trap.